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Practice-Oriented and Demand-Controlled Vocational Training | Sz. Sz. B. Megyei Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara


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Practice-Oriented and Demand-Controlled Vocational Training

Szerző: Tóth Miklós | 2013. szeptember 9.
Cimkék: EU

In the Northern Great Plain region of Hungary both overtraining and lack of appropriate qualifications are typical reasons for unemployment. In the co-operation of the County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Regional Development and Training Committee, vocational training institutions and regional companies a new demand-controlled provision of training has been introduced in Nyíregyháza. The new provision takes into account the skill needs of the different economic sectors and ensures economically valuable qualifications and employment for young adults. The implementation of the demand controlled training is supported by surveys which aim at the evaluation of the results and the continuous improvement of the vocational training.  The organizers wish to share good practices also in the field of vocational guidance as a key to employability.

The participants will learn about:

  • the role of the different stakeholders in the demand-controlled vocational training;
  • professional guidance in the field of vocational training;
  • continuous supervision of practical vocational on site
  • methodology and practical applicability of professional surveys,

Dates of the visit: 07.10.2013.- 11.10.2013.


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